Friday, March 29, 2013

Wine poached pear / Bosc pear poached with pomegranate seeds /Poached pear

Poached Pear, a decadent dessert to serve for a holiday meal . Pear is simmered in wine and spice.It  gets a glossy shine and soaks in all the rich flavors.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meen vevichathu / Kerala style Red fish curry / Pompano fish curry Kerala style

Kappa/Tapioca and fish curry  has been the favorite solid  midday meal of any seafood loving  malayalee .Though combination remains the same throughout Kerala , the recipe for fish curry differs in every household.

While the Kottayam and Kuttanadan girls dispute on the fieriness of their respective fish curries,I have only one recipe that the fisherman's wife makes :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Past few days my blog has been moving in a new direction with 10 people joining me . I am truly amazed by these individuals whom I have never met  or spoken to can be so kind to to me with words of encouragement.It really motivates me and I thank them from the bottom of my  heart.
There is not one bit of exaggeration when I say that all the credit of bringing them here goes to Rafeeda of The Big Sweet Tooth.I cannot thank her enough for her efforts and thoughtfulness.

I feel the followers never get the due recognition they ought to get even though they spend their valuable time to acknowledge a blogger's efforts.So here are the bloggers that made the difference in my otherwise silent space.
Do read these blogs only when u have some time to spare because they do have a lot of interesting recipes you might want to try out .

1.The Big Sweet Tooth
2.Cooking in Mommy's shoes
3.My Food Express
4.The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen
5 .Ammi Rasoi
6.From My Own Kitchen
7.My Food Treasures
9.Kitchen Delicacies
10.Uma Shankar

Rafeeda of  The Big Sweet Tooth  and Naaz Mateen of Ammi Rasoi  gave me Libster awards with in two days that makes me even more excited.

Guys please bear with me until I figure out the rest of the award rules but I will come back and  update it soon.

Update- 21/3/2013

Nisha from   MY FOOD EXPRESS has given me this award. Thank you so much dear!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ellu unda / Til ke laddu / Sesame bites with jaggery / My guest post

Sesame bites with jaggery / Ellu unda  is a traditional snack enjoyed all over Kerala along with evening tea all year round.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ma'amoul / Dates filled cookies / Middle Eastern cookies / Easy date cookies/pie crust cookies

Ma'amoul is Middle Eastern cookies made with a variety of dry fruits and nuts filling like walnuts ,pistachios, dates,raisins etc.Served mostly during festivals.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chicken Shawarma / Tahini sauce / pickled veggies / Middle Eastern Shawarma

 Shawarma is an wrap with flat bread , meat,fresh veggies,tahini ,hummus etc.A world favorite fast food  from the Arabic cuisine.