Indian Lunch Menu Ideas

Indian meals - Some days are a blessing! I have everything perfectly planned and end up making a sumptuous spread. Then there are days when I have no idea what to cook :) these pics are put up here to make things easier for me.
Click on the recipe links given below images. Some curries may appear often due to lack of availability of other ingredients or family choice. Use the menu as a guide on days when you break ur head on what to cook :))
Some pics look blurry sorry about that, it simply means I was in a hurry to serve it hot.

U will find a mix of veg and non veg options to choose from.
1.Fish curry with brinjal n drumstick
2.Paneer pakoda
3.Podimas,thogayal etc
1.Fish curry with coconut
2.Lentil curry(Kumbalanga


1.Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda served with palak paratha 

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